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 Donation Report – ئىئانە دوكىلاتى

 ئىئانە ۋە چىقىم دوكىلاتى (يېڭىلانغان ۋاقىت: 7/10/2021)

Donation Report

DateDonationExpensesDonation SourceExpenses Source
March 1 to April 18, 2022$96,043.57$21,, online payments, donation box, UyghurBazar 2022 SpringBazar vendors and guests, HalapKebabJapan (2021 donation), and donations since opening of Uyghur Islamic Center 2 months rent and deposit paid for Uyghur Islamic Center, and Fairfax city zoning application fee
February, 2022$2,740$, online payments, donation box
January, 2022$2,360$, online payments, donation box
December, 2021$2,450$, online payments, donation box
November, 2021$5,600$, online payments, donation box, UyghurBazar 2021 vendors
October, 2021$1,500$, online payments, donation box
September, 2021$1,700$, online payments, donation box
July and August, 2021$550$0.00donation box
2021 Eid ul Adha$1,500$0donation box
Total balance:
Total donations: $114,343.57
Total expenses:


جۈمە نامازلىرىدا ئىئانە ساندۇقىغا تاشلانغان نەقپۇل: 550 دوللار(2021-يىل 7- ۋە 8-ئاي)

2021-يىل قۇربان ھېيىتتا ئىئانە ساندۇقىغا تاشلانغان نەقپۇل: 1500 دوللار

توردا بېرىلگەن ئىئانە: 0 دوللار

جەمئي ئىئانە: 2050 دوللار


680 دوللار (ھېيتلىق داستىخان، بۇ چىقىمنى ئۇيغۇربىز شىركىتى ئۈستىگە ئالغان)